It’s rare that a mobile app manages to cause a stirrup, but when it happens, it’s always funny – as is the case with Chubby Checker (the legendary singer behind “The Twist”) and Chubby Checker (the app).

As you may have already guessed, Chubby isn’t happy about HP and Palm hosting his namesake, but what exactly is the problem here? Well, it turns out CC is actually an app, designed to estimate… penis size. Some excerpts from the app’s description read: “Any of you ladies out there just start seeing someone new and wondering what the size of there member is?... Now with The Chubby Checker there is no need for disappointment or surprise...” That sure is a classy move. Disappointment and surprise couldn’t be avoided though, when the singer (real name Ernest Evans) found out about the cheeky app.

According to the lawsuit he filed with Saint Lucie County (Fla.) Federal Court this week, the app is damaging to his good reputation. That’s arguable at least, since the app makes no reference to the singer or his work whatsoever. Then again, it probably doesn’t feel too good to share a name with that. Evans’s lawyer said in a statement for MarketWatch later on in the week: "The "app" adversely affects Chubby Checker's brand and value and if allowed to continue, will cause serious damage to the Plaintiff's goodwill and will tarnish his image that he has worked to maintain over the last 50 years." We see their point, after all, how was Evans supposed to predict slang trends fifty years in advance, when picking a pseudonym?

Unfortunate stage names aside, it looks like no one is going to experience the benefits of the app until the name is changed. As for Chubby Checker, with all of the publicity he’s getting around this, it may be time for a Greatest Hits album. Maybe just pick a new stage name though.