Christopher Walken has broken his silence on the reopening of the Natalie Wood case, saying he "just doesn't know" why police are reinvestigating the death 30 years on.
Walken was on the boat the night Natalie died, but reportedly retired to his cabin well before the Hollywood actress went missing. When asked by a reporter why he thought police had reopened the case, which also involves his friend Robert Wagner, Walken said, "I just don't know", before refusing to comment further. As news of the story was breaking last week, the Associated Press had to issue a retraction when a writer for the news service included quotes by Walken given during an interview with Espn 980 - however, the remarks were in fact made by the radio station's Marc Sterne, who was doing an impression of the Hollywood actor. Sterne attempted an impersonation of Walken's reaction to the reopening of the case, but the AP writer assumed it was the actor himself, so accurate was the impression. However, during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live, the radio host was stunned that anybody could interpret it for the real Christopher Walken, saying, "Let's be honest, I'm sure Julia Roberts does a better Christopher Walken than I do and I'm embarrassed for the AP reporter.Christopher Walken hasn't spoken about this in 30 years, do they really think he's calling into a D.C. sports show, to talk about Natalie Wood".
Los Angeles homicide police say they are reopening the investigation in light of new information given to them. Wood's body was found off the coast of California one day after she apparently fell off the boat she had been drinking on with Wagner and Walken.