'Dark Knight Rises' fever is soaring higher and higher to the extent that you really wish they'd just release the damn thing for fear of people exploding with excitement. The latest report is that the film is generating more audience excitement than the three highest-grossing movies of the last twelve months. We're not sure you needed to prove that, it seems fairly obviously, but nonetheless the Los Angeles Times is reporting that something called the critical "first choice" category that studios use to gauge moviegoers interest in their forthcoming releases is showing high figures for the Christopher Nolan film.
As such, 'The Dark Knight Rises' is expected to generate some $180 million this weekend according to people who have apparently seen the data but aren't allowed to make themselves known publicly. Which, again, sounds a bit ridiculous, but there we go. These mythical people, if they indeed exist, are also saying that the film has a chance of beating 'Avatar's' all-time opening weekend domestic record of $207 million. But then with these people not allowed to make themselves public I guess you could probably put any figure out and attribute it to 'them'.
Nevertheless, it all points to what we all know is inevitable - mega success this weekend. The only thing that might stop it beating 'The Avengers' top opening grossing from this year is the fact that it won't be getting shown in 3D cinemas meaning they won't be able to charge premium price for as many of the shows. It's more than set to take top grossing for a non-3D film however. Which we're sure will be some consolation.