Director Christopher Nolan's movie THE DARK KNIGHT has become one of the most mistake-ridden films of the year (08) so far - eagle-eyed cinema-goers have spotted 16 bloopers in it.
The Batman Begins sequel has become a box office smash worldwide, taking an astonishing $440 million (GBP220 million) at movie theatres in the film's first 10 days of release.
But observant visitors to website have noted a variety of continuity errors and historical inaccuracies in the Christian Bale-starring blockbuster - up from the 12 mistakes found in 2005's Batman Begins.
The errors include characters' altering hairstyles, mis-matched audio, and an additional police truck magically appearing in a car chase scene.
However, The Dark Knight's faults are nowhere near as bad as those in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Harrison Ford-starring film currently holds the top spot for the movie with the most errors so far this year (08) - it features a whopping 40 bloopers.