The third and final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has hit the web, ahead of the movie's worldwide release on June 20, 2012. New material from Christopher Nolan's Batman movie appears to confirm that the voice of Tom Hardy's Bane has been altered to become more audible.

There was consternation from fans following the release of the earlier trailers, with some struggling to understand the villain through his mechanical breathing apparatus. Speculation had suggested that Nolan and his team were planning on re-doing the voice. Following a screening of the new trailer at Cinemacon in Las Vegas last week, IGN wrote, "Bane was not muffled at all now. Indeed, I feel confident saying he was crystal clear now" and the public release of the promo appears to confirm this. In one scene, Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne asks Bane "Why don't you just kill me?", with the villain clearly saying, "Your punishment must be more severe". If anything, the dialogue is too clear and appears to have been deliberately edited to sound that way.

The trailer also features shots of Batman's latest vehicle, the Batwing, which spirals up into the Gotham skies. ANNE HATHWAY's Catwoman tells him, "My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men", to which Batman replies, "This isn't a car".