Ok, so the headline's probably a little unfair. We're pretty sure Christopher Nolan has all but given up trying to squeeze any golden statuettes out of the Academy. We should probably accept that the Batman director isn't going to win Best Director and Best Picture anytime soon, though his movies will no doubt continue to thrill for many, many years.

Anyway, the progressive filmmaker's latest project is likely to be sci-fi drama Interstellar, written by his brother and long-time collaborator Jonathan Nolan. According to multiple sources who spoke with the Hollywood Reporter, Nolan has set his sights on the big-budget project which - surprise, surprise - involves time travel and alternate dimensions. The details are sketchy, though it's thought the movie will follow a group of explorers who travel through a wormhole. The script is actually based on the real-life scientific theories of Kip Throne, a theoretical physicist, gravitational physicist and astrophysicist. 

Interstellar has already found a home at Paramount, though would be made in collaboration with Warner Brothers, where Nolan made his three Batman movies, as well as Insomnia and Inception. Steven Spielberg was originally attached to the project, though it's unclear whether he will remain involved in some capacity. On Wednesday, the Lincoln director's forthcoming project Robopocalypse was delayed indefinitely. On Thursday, Nolan's Dark Knight Rises was snubbed entirely in the Oscar nominations.