'The Dark Knight Rises' has only just hit cinemas and yet it's time to start getting excited all over again for another new Christopher Nolan-involved picture, with the first trailer for the new 'Superman' film being revealed over the weekend. Nolan takes a slightly more back seat role for 'Man Of Steel', working as producer with Zack Snyder at the directing helm and British actor Henry Cavill starring as Clark Kent and his alter-ego.

Nevertheless Nolan's name will attract a lot of attention, though he was quick to praise the work of Cavill and Snyder, telling Digital Spy "I don't want to say too much about it because they're at the beginning of their process in terms of post-production. I think what Zack and Henry are doing is going to make a remarkable impression."

The trailer certainly looks impressive. With narration coming from Kevin Costner, who will play Clark's father Jonathan Kent, the clip starts with memories of the main protagonist's early life, including him running around in a red cape as a child, with other snapshots of photos from his youth. The second half though - of a trailer that's only around 90 seconds long - sees Superman shoot up into the sky through the clouds, the first sighting of Cavill as the ultimate superhero. The film is to be released in 2013.