Batman: Arkham Origins captures a "rawer, scarier Batman" more akin to Christopher Nolan's movie franchise than previous games in the series. The new game - set for release on October 25 - is set five years before the events on 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum, on a New York Christmas Eve where many of Gotham's inhabitants still consider the caped crusader to be a myth.

Senior producer Ben Mattes and creative director Eric Holmes were in Los Angeles last week to showcase scenes from the game, which includes new weapons, a new voice cast and enhanced detective abilities for Batman, according to the Los Angeles Times. Mattes said the primary inspiration behind the new game was the 'Legends of the Dark Knight' comic series, launched after Tim Burton's 1989 movie. The emphasis on Batman's earlier days means Origins is more likely to mirror Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy. "That's the time in his career we loved, and we believe it dovetailed very appropriately with being a player in a video game - that feeling of raw empowerment that comes from knowing the people you're fighting in the world are scared of you," Mattes told Hero Complex. "They are genuinely worried about what happens when you get your hands on them. That creates a very strong feeling of power that we want to put in the hands of the players.

"There's all sorts of fun things we can do with that," he continued. "When we introduce Bane to the mix - the big masked enemy - he can take that feeling of power away from you very quickly because of his physical size and his intelligence."

Both Bane and the Joker featured prominently in gameplay scenes demoed last week at an event designed to preview Warner's offerings for June's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Eagle-eyed Batman fans at the preview will have noticed Batman's presence with snow and Christmas decorations recalls the 1992 movie Batman Returns, while his tussles with the Joker in his penthouse set to operatic scores recalls Burton's Batman.

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Christopher Nolan [L] and Tim Burton [R] Appear To Have Provided The Inspiration For Batman: Arkham Origins