What starts out as a quite promising gonzo pastiche sadly loses steam after the first act, when the script runs out of ways to sustain the hilariously insane premise. It's a real shame, because the film is made to a surprisingly high standard.

On a moon mission to promote the 2018 re-election campaign of the US President (Paul), Astronaut Washington (Kirby) is captured by a colony of Nazis been hiding on the dark side since 1945. Within their massive swastika-shaped complex, they're preparing to take over earth with their Fuhrer (Kier). Things get complicated when second-in-command Klaus (Otto) travels to earth with Washington to get supplies for the invasion. But Klaus' idealistic schoolteacher fiancee Renate (Dietze) stows away for the trip, and their mission is derailed when they team up with the president's shark-like press agent (Sergeant).

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