Chrissy Teigen was once mistaken for a ''high class hooker''.

The 28-year-old beauty was mortified when a hotel sold a story about her now-husband John Legend checking in with a prostitute behind her back - when the couple had actually gone away for a romantic break together.

She told Dujour magazine: ''A hotel in Los Angeles sold a story that John was at a hotel with what appeared to be a high class hooker.. definitely wasn't me...and it was me! It was horrible.''

However, Chrissy can now see the funny side and added: ''High class though, it was high class.''

Meanwhile, the Sports Illustrated model also blasted high street chain Forever 21 for firing her from a photoshoot because they thought she was ''too fat''.

She said: ''I showed up on set and they asked me if they could take a photo.

''And they shoot that photo off to my agency, who then calls me as I'm sitting in the make-up chair, and they say, 'You need to leave right now. They just said that you are fat and you need to get your measurements taken.'

''And I hate you, Forever 21. I hate you so much. Honestly, you're the worst.''

Chrissy has previously blasted Forever 21 for firing her, tweeting in 2012: ''So next time you pass a Forever 21, remember the fact that they are a bunch of a******* who fired me mid-makeup for being fat.(sic)''