Chrissy Teigen is envious of Kim Kardashian West's family.

The 'Sports Illustrated' model has admitted she would love for her marriage to John Legend and family to mirror that of the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star and husband Kanye West.

She told Women's Health UK magazine: ''Kim is lovely. I'll email her and she gets right back to me. It makes me feel like garbage because I'm like, 'I'm 10% as busy as you and I don't get back to people.'

''They are the most beautiful family. I look at them and think, 'How do I get this?'''

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old beauty previously revealed she'd love to have children as she wants a beautiful body like pregnant mum-of-one Kim.

She said: ''We want a lot of kids. I would love to have three or four of my own, and then adopt a few. So basically I'll be pregnant the rest of my life.

''You look at Kim and see how women's bodies just become so beautiful. [The thought] of getting boobs thrills me. And John loves pregnant women.''

And John, 36, wouldn't mind if they had a baby girl as he thinks he's ''good with women'' because of his job as a musician.

He added: ''I'm attracted to the heightened femininity.

''I'm a musician, I'm good with women and I'm a feminist, so I think I'll be a good 'girl daddy.'''