Few coming-of-age films are able to capture the adolescent experience without hiding a moral agenda. In drama especially, teens are told to not do drugs, explore sex, or fight with their parents because there will be dire consequences waiting for them near the end of the movie.

Rain, from the novel of the same name, goes beyond simple rebellion to powerfully evoke the erratic emotional needs of 14-year-old Janey (Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki). Janey's parents are too busy boozing and soaking up sun (separately) to really notice her or her younger brother Jim (Aaron Murphy), whom she is forced to take care of. Her parents aren't evil, but they increasingly lack the ability to communicate with each other, much less their kin. Thankfully, there's no easy answer given for the slowly dissolving marriage, which richly parallels Janey's indecisiveness from one moment to the next.

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