Playing a chained-up, half-naked nymphomaniac in her new movie BLACK SNAKE MOAN helped Christina Ricci overcome her prudish nature, because now she parades around in her underwear all the time. The former child star had to face her fears of baring almost all for the film and decided the best way to get comfortable with revealing scenes was to wear nothing but lingerie at all times - even after cameras stopped rolling. She admits the ruse worked and made cast and crew think nothing of her revealing scenes when director Craig Brewer came to shoot them. And her new naked ambition lasted long after the movie wrapped. Ricci says, "I'm a prude and I do not like walking around naked and I was in my bathroom about two months after the movie finished and I was brushing my teeth and I was in my underwear and I looked down and was like, 'Oh, God, put something on.' "Then I just stopped and thought, 'Oh my god, I was half naked for two months and my a*s was on camera.' "I called my sister and I was like, 'Is it OK to wear nothing around the house? I'm freaking out.'"