Christina Hendricks doesn't want to be a mom!

The 38 year-old actress would rather be a mother to a new puppy than go through with the real thing.

Even though her 'Mad Men' character manages to be a partner at the ad firm as well as raising a baby, Hendricks revealed to Health that she isn't interested in bringing up her own children.

"We got a puppy, and that's my idea of starting a family. People say, 'Oh, that's practice for parenting,' but if it's practice for anything it's to be a mom to another puppy," the curvy actress told the magazine.

"We've decided that we are not really interested in having children," she continued.

Hendricks has been married to Geoffrey Arend since 2009 and although she is nearly in her 40's, the actress still doesn't feel broody.

"It's just very normal for people to say, 'Well, when you guys have kids .' And then when I say, 'Actually, I don't think we're going to do that,' people will say, 'Oh, you say that now .' It doesn't bother me, though," she added. "And, you know, there's a small chance I could change my mind."

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But her hands are full for the time being anyway as she prepares to finish starring as 'Joan Harris', whom she calls an "incredibly blunt" women who contains "feminine power."

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The last series of the hit AMC show will be aired over the course of two years, and will be the last chance 'Mad Men' fans will be able to view her desired busty figure, which her husband new would be a huge talking point from the start.

"Whenever we see something about it, he always says, 'I told you from the beginning. I'm the one who called it first,'" she said.

Christina Hendricks
Hendricks doesn't want children, unlike her 'Mad Men' character