Christina Hendricks has learned about fashion from her 'Man Men' character.

The 35-year-old actress insists she is not as glamorous as office bombshell Joan Holloway but is slowly improving her appearance when she isn't working thanks to tips she has picked up from the show.

She explained: "Joan is much more streamlined and tailored than I would be. I definitely have more of a romantic flair. Although, I've learned a lot from Joan and our costumer on the show about fits and tailoring and all those things, and I've definitely taken them into my real life. But I'm still learning. Joan dresses better than me actually!"

Christina also said she is "embarrassed" by flattering comments comparing her curvy figure to Marilyn Monroe, but admitted she appreciates the compliments.

She added to "I don't think any woman in the world could get tired of being compared to Marilyn Monroe. It is embarrassing, though, because I think that I could never hold a candle, but it is also incredibly flattering, and she's someone I admire greatly. So it's always a really nice thing to hear."