Actress Christina Hendricks mixed her personal and professional lives by hiring the wife of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to renovate her new home.

The beauty and her Body of Proof actor husband Geoffrey Arend recently purchased a large house in Los Angeles and asked designer Linda Brettler, who is married to Hendricks' boss, to make some improvements to the pad.

During an appearance on U.S. morning show Live! With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday (23Apr13), she said, "I was sort of dreading it (remodeling the house), I've never gone through that process, but actually it was really fun for us. We designed our own kitchen, I'm one of those people, who for years takes pictures out of magazines and collects them and puts them in binders, like, this is the kitchen I've always wanted, this is the living room I've always wanted, so I got to reference those and we designed everything together...

"My boss, Matt Weiner, who created Mad Men, his wonderful wife is an architect, so she helped. Dangerous or smart?"

And while Hendricks admits it was a risky decision, she's happy with the finished product: "She's so talented and amazing!"