Christina Aguilera had the claws out last night (April 30, 2012), when her former Mickey Mouse Club pal Tony Lucca took to the stage on The Voice. Christina has taken issue with the support that Lucca's had from their Disney co-star Justin Timberlake and last night, her dislike of Lucca showed no signs of abating, as she ranted about his use of a song that she had previously cleared for one of her own contestants.
Tony took to the stage last to sing The Heavy's 'How Do You Like Me Now?' and Christina made a point of explaining to the audience that she had her eye on it first, telling Lucca "I love that original song actually. I do know it. I actually cleared that song for Moses early on [in the competition] and it fell into your lap." She continued ranting for so long that Carson Daly was forced to interject and she even had to be bleeped out when she swore. She wasn't prepared to leave the insults alone though and made one last scathing comment to Lucca before she quietened down, saying "Nice job, Tony', the Britney cover thing worked for you, and if this [show] doesn't work out, you and [judge Adam Levine] can definitely start a Britney cover band.'
She had kinder words to say about Jermaine Paul, however, who stole the show last night with his performance of Journey's 'Open Arms.' "You are crazy talented. You murdered that song; you killed it," she said to the man who has provided backing vocals for Alicia Keys. Today's show will reveal which contestants remain in the competition for another week.