We never would have pegged Gwen Stefani as the reality talent panelist type, but apparently, money talks and former 90s punk talent listens. Stefani is reportedly in talks to replace fellow blonde pop star Christina Aguilera. Reports are unclear on whether the deal has been made final, but according to “official sources” for TMZ, Stefani has already signed on for next season. Season 7 starts taping in June.

Christina Aguilera
After four seasons on the show, Aguilera is taking a break to have her second child.

Christina Aguilera announced her exit from the show back in February, along with her pregnancy. It makes sense for the big-voiced singer to take a season of maternity leave, of course, given that she will be eight or nine months pregnant by the time the battle rounds begin. According to TMZ, NBC wanted Christina to stay during her pregnancy but she's having a difficult time already and ultimately bowed out.

Gwen Stefani
Stefani is stepping in, but only to keep Aguilera's seat warm for the season.

What’s less clear is whether Aguilera plans to return to The Voice after said maternity leave and how the producers plan on handling the Stefani/Aguilera situation. So far, TMZ reports, Stefani’s deal is just for one season, as Aguilera plans to return to the big red chair straight after her season-long maternity leave. It sounds like diehard Christina fans have nothing to worry about.

Christina Aguilera
Aguilera reportedly plans to return after her season-long maternity leave.

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