Christina Aguilera explained why she decided to take a season off from the televised singing competition The Voice. The singer stated it was due to her family commitments and the pressures of constantly living in the public eye. She spoke to the press at the NBC segment of the Television Critics Association Summer Tour, held in Beverly Hills.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera at the NBC'sTelevision Critics Association Summer Tour, Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The New York native has been appearing on television since she was ten years old. Understandably, constant media attention for the majority of her life has left her wary of the strains it can place on family life. She has one son, Max, about who she said "he starts kindergarten this fall, I'm excited about that". She also discussed her dual role as pop star in public and mother at home: "the cameras go off, I go home, I put on sweats and a T-shirt. The red lips come off. I check out and I'm mom and I needed some time, I needed some time to do that".

She continued to comment on the pressures of working in the entertainment business and that "it's really important to take that time in this business, when everything's give, give, give, especially when you're on camera so much, you need to take it back for a second and bring it back to yourself".

She is, however, completely aware of her role as a breadwinner and of this role she said "mom's gotta pay the bills and gotta do her thing". However, as Aguilera is in a financially secure position owing to her long and profitable career, it appears to be more a need to retain her independence and identity. 

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton at the 2012 ACM Awards at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Aguilera acknowledged that she finds it difficult to deal with constant public scrutiny; on the matter she said "I'm the type of person that I cannot live in front of the camera 24 hours a day". Her recognition of this directly influenced her decision to take a break in order to "stay connected" with herself. She also felt her performance improves following a break in addition to her personal well-being. She said her time off has allowed her to "realign some things" and that she has "been on a really incredible journey".

Christina will appear on the upcoming season of The Voice. Other coaches include CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton. Shelton has coached the successful contestants for the past three seasons and Aguilera knows she is up against a strong rival. She evidently enjoys her role on The Voice which is "hilarious" and that, with fellow coach Shelton, they "laugh all day".

The Voice US season 5 will premiere on 23rd September 2013. Aguilera will be joined by fellow judges Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine

Cee Lo Green
Cee-Lo Green at his "Extravagant New Year's Weekend Celebrations" at Chateau Nightclub, the Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.