Christina Aguilera is going for a ''less provocative'' look.

The 'Candyman' singer unveiled her svelte new shape in an understated black dress at 'The Voice' season 4 screening in Hollywood last week (20.03.13), and her style team have now shared the secrets behind her radical transformation.

Stylist Simone Harouche told People magazine: ''She's been gravitating towards less provocative silhouettes. While still wanting to keep it feminine and sexy, her outfit choices lately are leaving more to the imagination.''

Christina's make-up artist Mary Phillips revealed she kept it simple with blusher and bronzer before giving the star's lips a peach-coloured tint to achieve a fresh, pretty look for spring.

Mary explained: ''She said she didn't want anything crazy, just to feel glow-y and pretty. I was just going for something beautiful, blond bombshell-y and sun-kissed.

''Christina wears a lot of red lips, so I wanted it to be something different. So we did something very toned down, something for spring. Lots of lashes and easy, pretty skin.''

Hairstylist David Babaii - who is also responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie's tresses - added it was important to keep the simple, sun-kissed vibe going with Christina's hair, so he simply used beach spray and a curling iron.

He said: ''We wanted to keep it really natural. It's really easy, chic, Bohemian, soft. I think it's just a California, summer vibe.

''I get tweets from her fans requesting stuff. But I've never had 2,000 Facebook messages praising me. And I'm like, all I did was use a curling iron!''