Quotes made by Christina Aguilera relating to her weight have been revealed as fake, according to E! Online. Currently starring as a coach on The Voice and building up to the release of her new album, Aguilera was reported to have said in the print version of Billboard magazine that she was tired of being a skinny white girl, and that she'd told her bosses in the run up to promoting new LP Lotus that they were working with a "fat girl" from now on.

However a rep has completely denied that Aguilera made any such comments about her weight to Billboard. E! Online are claiming that the quotes came from a story written by Us Weekly, who were including them in a supposed preview of the interview. However, Us have since taken down the story.

Aguilera had been quoted as saying "During the promotion of my album Stripped [in 2002], I got tired of being a skinny, white girl," read the supposed sound bite. "I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl." What she'd actually told Billboard was apparently "This album represents a celebration of the new me, and to me the Lotus has always represented this unbreakable flower that withstands any harsh weather conditions in its surroundings, that withstands time and remains beautiful and strong throughout the years."