A Christina Aguilera afro was probably the second most impressive feat when the sing debuted her new single, "Make the World Move," on last night’s episode of The Voice.

The New York born singer with Hispanic roots nearly gave the live studio audience a glimpse of her unmentionables, while sporting a rather ridiculous dress. And not even a bright pink Afro wig could distract from her near spillage. On the subject of the talent show, The Voice, Christina had the following to say: "I'm such a lover of unique style and everyone is their own person. [I'm] supporting and appreciating that, so really there are no losers to me at all. How can you compare apples and oranges on certain levels?" Aguilera told Us. "They're all The Voice in their different ways and they'll keep fighting from here and I'm sure this, as I say, this is only the beginning."

With seven albums now under her belt, Aguilera has more to concern herself with, like her young son; “As soon as the wig comes off and I go home, I'm putting sweats on and I get in mommy mode or I go back into artist mode after the show," Aguilera said. "I have so many things going [on that] I don't have time to really look at what people are saying or doing."