James Holmes, the 24-year-old former neuroscience student accused of shooting dead 12 people at a midnight screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises', may have been involved with multiple prostitutes in the months before the massacre.
According to sources who spoke with TMZ.com, Holmes frequented dating sites as well as message boards that reviewed prostitutes in the Colorado area. The celebrity gossip website say they found the message board in question and discovered several posts written under James' supposed screen name, in which he details his sexual encounters. TMZ subsequently spoken with three of the women who Holmes reviewed, with the first saying that she couldn't confirm she ever did business with James. The second woman said he "looked very familiar", but the third was "positive" she had met up with Holmes twice, as recently as August 2011. The woman who goes by the name of "Tiffany", said, "I had no issues with him . he was really nice.He felt bad that I wasn't getting more customers while in Colorado, so he called a few days later and we met up again".
It is already known that Holmes had a profile on the dating website Match.com, in which he listed his favorite movies as Dumb and Dumber and Star Wars. He is accused of killing 12 cinemagoers and injuring 58 others after walking into a Denver movie theater, releasing tear gas, and opening fire. Star of the new Batman movie Christian Bale visited the injured victims of the shooting at a hospital this week, also showing up to pay his respects at a temporary memorial to those killed.