Christian Bale has agreed to give up racing motorcycles to keep his wife happy.

The 'American Hustle' actor is ''obsessed'' with the bikes but his spouse Sibi Blazic - whom he has eight-year-old daughter Emmaline with - has asked him to quit his dangerous hobby following the death of Paul Walker, who passed away in a fiery car accident in November.

A source said: ''Since Paul's death, she's totally freaked out. Sibi doesn't want Christian racing at all and that's going to be a real struggle for him.

''Christian is obsessed with racing foreign bikes, but he adores Sibi and hates seeing her so worked up over what happened to Paul.

''As tough as it is for him, Christian is going to quit racing for her. She rules their household with an iron fist, and his attitude is, she's the boss.''

The 39-year-old actor had already scaled back his hobby after his wife asked him to do so following the birth of Emmaline.

The source told the National Enquirer: ''Sibi has always had a problem with Christian's love of fast bikes. She stopped him from riding them in the streets shortly after the birth of Emmaline eight years ago.

''Since then, he has limited his riding to the race track under very controlled conditions.''