Movie star Christian Bale lost 27 kilograms (60 pounds) to play an insomniac in new movie The Machinist in just eight weeks.

The Welsh-born actor weighed in at just 55 kilograms (121 pounds) when it was time to start shooting - thanks mainly to a strict liquid diet.

He says, "The last few weeks I'd get very milky coffee, and I'd make that last the entire day."

Bale admits the only thing he longed for during filming was fruit: "I dreamed of apples the whole time. When we finished, different crew members would bring me apples from all around Spain for me to sample. I gorged on apples for some time."

The actor admits even he was stunned when he saw just how skinny he became - on the big screen.

He adds, "It wasn't until I really put the weight back on and I looked back at the movie, 'Wow, I took that further than perhaps I'd imagined I was gonna.'"

Co-star JENNIFER JASON-LEIGH reveals she spent the film concerned for the AMERICAN PSYCHO star.

She explains, "He had lost so much weight and he looked so frightening. I was really worried about him. I had to keep reminding myself this was actually a choice - because he really looks sick."

06/10/2004 08:49