Actor Christian Bale bumped into the son of the character he plays in new film RESCUE DAWN in a Los Angeles health food store. The Batman Begins star was shopping for snacks late one night at a Whole Foods supermarket when Rolf Dengler, the son of real life prisoner of war Dieter Dengler, approached him in the aisle. Dengler, who was working as a cashier at the store, says, "It was almost closing time and I believe he said he was picking up some treats for his wife. "At first I didn't recognise him because of the facial hair and his low-key mannerisms, but then I decided to see how awkward I could make this new moment. I tapped him on the shoulder and said, 'You probably think I'm some fan bothering you, but you're playing the role of my father, Dieter Dengler... I'm Rolf.' "His face lit up and he stopped what he was doing and was an absolute gentleman. He said he wanted to ask me a few questions if it was no trouble, he'd return to the store so we could have a proper chat. "He showed up with his wife, Sibi, a few days later, and asked a few questions about my father and the family."