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Chrissie Hynde's Daughter Arrested Over Road Protest

30th January 2013

Chrissie Hynde's daughter has been arrested while protesting against plans to build a new road through a U.K. nature spot.Natalie Hynde, whose father is Ray Davies of The Kinks, was apprehended on Tuesday (29Jan13) by...

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Chrissie Hynde's Daughter Turns Environmental Activist

22nd January 2013

Chrissie Hynde's daughter has followed in her mother's activist footsteps by moving into a tree house to stop developers from destroying a U.K. nature spot.Natalie Hynde, whose father is Ray Davies of The Kinks, insists...

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Chrissie Hynde Signs Animal Testing Petition

16th May 2012

Rocker Chrissie Hynde has added her name to a petition calling for an end to animal-tested cosmetics.The Pretenders frontwoman has joined other celebrities, including Ricky Gervais, Leona Lewis, Dame Judi Dench and Ke$ha, by adding...

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Paul Mccartney Immortalised On Peta Stamp

28th November 2011

Sir Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman and Ellen DeGeneres are among stars to feature on a new stamp range featuring the 20 most famous vegetarians of all-time.The trio of famous faces have agreed to lend their...

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The O2 Putting On 20 Free Concerts

18th November 2011

London's The O2 venue is showcasing over 100 bands at 20 free concerts in December. A special stage has been constructed at the London Piazza at The O2, which will showcase acts from December 3...

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Ellen Degeneres Opening Restaurant

31st October 2011

Ellen DeGeneres is opening a vegan restaurant in San Fernando Valley, California. The chat show host and her wife Portia de Rossi have joined The Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde and film producer Steve Bing in investing in...

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Chrissie Hynde Forced To Close Restaurant

3rd October 2011

The Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde has been forced to close her vegan restaurant in Ohio due to the economic downturn.The I'll Stand By You hitmaker opened VegiTerranean in her native Akron four years ago, but...

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Chrissie Hynde Closes Restaurant

3rd October 2011

Chrissie Hynde has closed down her restaurant.The Pretenders singer announced on Vegiterranean's website yesterday (02.10.11) that she was shutting the Ohio eatery, citing the "current economic climate" as the reason for the decision.She wrote: "It...

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Happy Birthday, Chrissie Hynde

7th September 2011

She has been the Talk Of The Town for decades and now we get to salute the great Pretender herself - Chrissie Hynde turns 60 today (07Se011).The Ohio-born rocker was a big part of the...

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Robbie Williams 'Hated' By Hynde

27th July 2011

Robbie Williams claims Chrissie Hynde hates him because he refused to take her offer of working on a song together seriously. The 37-year-old singer opened up about a meeting with The Pretenders singer over 16...

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Stars Turn Out To Honour Songwriters

17th June 2011

Billy Joel and Chrissie Hynde were on hand to honour stars including Garth Brooks, Leon Russell and Allen Toussaint as they were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on Thursday night (16Jun11).The annual ceremony...

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The Things They Say 20184

7th February 2011

"I've even sung it in a karaoke bar." CHRISSIE HYNDE is fond of her THE PRETENDERS hit Brass in Pocket.

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Hynde Still Not Comfortable With Fame

6th February 2011

THE PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE was reluctant to take part in the 2011 Pepsi Fan Jam on the eve of the Super Bowl (05Feb11) - because she feared the live telecast across America would remind...

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The Things They Say 20166

4th February 2011

"We have hammered the set list out. I won't reveal all of it right now, but the two for sure are Brass in Pocket and I'll Stand by You, which, I think, is one of...

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Hynde Refuses To Tour Britain

14th October 2010

THE PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE has ruled out taking her latest rock tour to the U.K., insisting British music fans only care about "disco and talent contests".Hynde has embarked on an extensive trek of the...

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Hynde Ended Romance Over Age Gap

13th October 2010

CHRISSIE HYNDE ended her romance with her new boyfriend and bandmate J.P. JONES when she realised their relationship was doomed to fail due to their 27-year age gap.The 59-year-old rocker began dating the Welsh singer,...

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The Things They Say 17817

31st August 2010

"I fell in love with him, so it's easy to write songs about someone you're thinking about all the time and having this correspondence with." CHRISSIE HYNDE found writing new material with boyfriend and bandmate...

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Fashion Designer Chrissie Hynde

20th August 2010

Chrissie Hynde has designed an environmentally-friendly clothing line.The Pretenders singer - who is a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) activist - has teamed up with ex-boyfriend JP Jones to create Fairground Rock,...

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Hynde Laughs Off Industry Downturn

20th August 2010

Rocker CHRISSIE HYNDE is revelling in the "collapse" of the music industry, insisting record company bosses should not treat bands as "investments".The rise of illegal file-sharing on the internet has led to a huge downturn...

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Hynde Thrilled With New Man After Initial Reservations

25th July 2010

Rocker CHRISSIE HYNDE initially turned down the idea of forming a partnership with former GRACE frontman J.P. JONES - because she didn't want to be responsible for ending his career early.The Pretenders star now tours...

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The Things They Say 16381

5th May 2010

"I will let you into a little secret. She used to fancy me and she finally got off with me. I saw her a few weeks ago and she's in very good form - and...

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Hynde Has Fun With Fairground Boys

28th April 2010

THE PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE has launched a new group in Los Angeles with a low-key radio showcase.The Brass In Pocket singer has teamed up with Welsh singer/songwriter J.P. Jones to create new act Fairground...

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Morrissey Recruits Hynde For Rarities Album

26th September 2009

Cult rocker MORRISSEY is to release an album of live tracks and B-sides featuring CHRISSIE HYNDE.The Pretenders star joins the former The Smiths frontman, singing backing vocals on Shame Is The Name. The album, Swords,...

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Hynde's Mcdonald's Protest Is Scrapped Due To Wildfires

31st August 2009

The California wildfires have forced animal rights activists to scrap a MCDonald's protest, which was to be led by rocker CHRISSIE HYNDE.The Pretenders star was hoping to launch her 'I'm hatin' it' vegetarian campaign against...

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Hynde To Protest Mcdonald's

30th August 2009

THE PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE will launch her 'I'm hatin' it' vegetarian campaign against fast food chain MCDonald's in Los Angeles on Monday (31Aug09).The animal rights activist, who runs a veggie restaurant in her native...

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Hynde Snubs Hall Of Fame Honour

10th August 2009

Veteran rocker CHRISSIE HYNDE has taken aim at the organisers who inducted her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - insisting the honour fuels rivalry between musicians.The Pretenders frontwoman was inducted with the...

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Hynde Gives Up Alcohol

10th July 2009

PRETENDERS frontwoman CHRISSIE HYNDE has quit drinking - because her wild antics were spiralling out of control.The singer ended up sharing a same-sex smooch with another woman on a recent booze-fuelled night out. She admits...

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Hynde Takes Slaughter Scandal National After Zoo Gig Ban

18th June 2009

THE PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE's latest campaign to save petting zoo animals from slaughter has cost her a concert in Minnesota, Minneapolis.The Brass In Pocket singer, a famous celebrity animal lover and activist, wrote to...

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The Pretenders Rush Record

2nd June 2009

The Pretenders recorded their new album in less than two weeks.Singer Chrissie Hynde says she loves the "high energy" sound of 'Break Up The Concrete' which she claims is a result of their quick rate...

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The Things They Say 12357

24th May 2009

"When I am working with them the fan comes out in me. I just want to run off stage, call my girlfriends and say: 'Oh my God!' But, of course, you try to be much...

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