Once a show to have the family nestled around the TV shouting A, B, C or D, 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' has had the lights dimmed for a final time. The show that has ran for over a decade will have the plug pulled tonight. 

Chris Tarrant outside the ITV studios
Chris Tarrant "Won't be hugely sad" about the show's ending

The show has slowly become less of an anticipated watch over the years, yet ran a lot longer than expected. The Telegraph interviewed the original host Chris Tarrant OBE on why he believes the show has come to the final stop. Tarrant believed it was due to the economic climate of Britain: 'As a nation we've stopped gambling. People were saying, 'I've got 10 grand, I'm not going to risk that'. I only gave away £80,000 in three nights.'

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