Chris Pratt is living the dream.

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star has admitted he is in awe of his personal and professional successes so much so that he would be ''pretty p***ed'' if anyone woke him up from the life he is living now.

He said: ''I don't pinch myself because when you pinch yourself, it's to see if you're dreaming and it'll wake you up.

''I wouldn't want anyone to pinch me right now, because if I did wake up, I'd be pretty p***ed.''

Chris also revealed things are going ''great'' when it comes to his family, wife Anna Faris and two-year-old son Jack.

Speaking of his little boy on The Today Show, he added: ''He's so good, man. Family life is great. We just spent a week in Hawaii, and yeah, he's so amazing. He's so smart.''

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old actor previously insisted his life has been made easy by ''genetic lottery''.

He said: ''I'm a white, straight, male, American movie star. Things are pretty f***ing good for those guys ...

''I'm not smart enough to navigate this without coming across like a douche, but I was dealt a good hand. I never had to worry about cops pulling me over or somebody sexually assaulting me. I never had to worry about clean water. A lot of what I have was given by sheer genetic lottery. So if I walk around smug, I'd be a fool.''