Chris Pratt is considered a real-life superhero to Jeremy Sisto's family after the Guardians Of The Galaxy star saved the actor's son from a locked bathroom.

The Clueless star and his family live in the same area of Los Angeles as Pratt and his actress wife Anna Faris, so when Sisto was unable to get home in time for an emergency, he asked his neighbour for help.

Sisto tells U.S. chat show Big Morning Buzz Live, "I was out and about an hour away from the house, and my wife calls and says our daughter, who was three at the time, had locked our infant son in the bathroom - and the door locks from the inside. My wife's freaking out, the kids are freaking out. My wife took a hammer and slammed the doorknob off the door.

"So I call my neighbour - this very nice, chubby little kid who's married to my friend Anna Faris, who lives down the block - and I say, 'Could you head over there to help out?'... Well, I didn't know that this guy had been transforming into the (Guardians of the Galaxy character) Star Lord. So my wife hasn't met him - he just shows up, just ripped and handsome and actually kicks the door down.

"In the most heroic moment - my moment as a father that he stole from me - (Pratt) lifts the kid up and puts him (in my wife's arms). And now every time my family sees him, they're like looking at him like he's a deity."