Chris Pratt has confirmed that he will be back for a Jurassic World sequel, joking that Universal Studios have him locked down to "38 movies". Jurassic World broke box-office records this weekend, taking over $500 million worldwide on the back of glittering reviews. 

Chris PrattJurassic World's star Chris Pratt has signed on for further sequels

"I am. They have me for I think 38 movies or something," Pratt told Entertainment Weekly when asked whether he would be back for another Jurassic movie.

Colin Trevorrow's film stars Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard as employees of a dinosaur theme park, who battle to find and stop an enormous genetically modified carnivore named Indominus Rex, who escapes from captivity.

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"We're saying if the film-makers agree, we'd love to have another movie," Universal's Nick Carpou, told the Hollywood Reporter. "But right now we are concentrating on this movie."

"It combines first class effects, a genetically engineered deadly dinosaur, outstanding action, well defined characters and a screenplay that refreshes themes of corporate greed and playing God," said Henry Fitzherbert of the Daily Express.

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"Jurassic World doesn't buck blockbuster trends. Rather, it cleverly plays into them. More than a visual feast to marvel at, its new Indominus villain leaves us with a human lesson to heed: there's a price to pay for overmeddling with nature," said Adam Fendelman of

"Dino-mite special effects take this sequel to new heights. Returning to the spirit of the original and ignoring the previous two editions, Jurassic World is just pure people-chomping fun," said Pete Hammond of Deadline Hollywood Daily.

Watch the trailer for Jurassic World: