Chris Pratt may be becoming one of Hollywood's biggest stars, largely due to the success of Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' but one thing that will never change is his ability to laugh at himself, which is a good thing when you see his first ever headshot.

Chris Pratt
Pratt recalled the story behind his first headshot

The 35 year-old actor recently shared an embarrassingphotograph that was taken when he was 20 years-old when he first moved to Los Angeles, which shows him with curly blonde locks and an unbuttoned white shirt, on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

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And if anyone was wondering the backstory behind the cheesy photo, Pratt offered an explanation while appearing on 'The Tonight Show' Thursday (Sept 25th).

"I was 20 years old in that picture. I guess it was the year 2000," he told the host Fallon. "I'd just moved to L.A. I knew I wanted to be an actor. I had no idea what to do to become an actor. I had a car and that was it. I'd asked around and my friend said, 'What you need is something called a headshot, and that's a picture of your head.'"

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"I knew I needed a headshot and I was in an area of L.A. called West Hollywood...a predominantly gay area, a really kind of fabulous place," he continued. "I was at the post office and there was a guy who was really kind of looking at me for a long time. And he was like, 'You look familiar. Have I shot you before?' I was like, 'Oh, I've never been shot! Have you shot somebody? I don't think you've ever shot me. I would know!'"

After learning he was a photographer, Pratt went to his apartment to get the headshots taken, and because he was living in his car at the time, the photographer let him take a shower. He also provided the talented actor with the white shirt seen in the snap. As Pratt left, the photographer handed him three roles of films for no charge, the 'Parks and Recreation' actor thanked the stranger on the chat show as he got several roles from the headshots.

"I walked out of there and then I decided that this was the best one. He was a good guy," he said. "So if you're watching dude, if you remember, thank you. That got me on The WB. That got me 'Everwood.'"