Chris Pine 's good looks almost left him at the bottom of a swimming pool in New York this week. The 'Star Trek' actor attended the after-party for his new movie 'People Like Us' at the Americano Hotel where things were becoming a little competitive amongst his female admirers.
According to the New York Post, the actor had so many women swooning over him, that he was physically forced back to the edge of the hotel's pool. The perimeter was crowded with ladies attempting to get a word in, leaving Pine fighting to stay dry. A spy at the bash said, "They almost pushed him in.It was kind of scary". The actor's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model girlfriend Dominique Piek did not attend the event, though the actor ignored the attention he received from the opposite sex and spent most of the night "chain-smoking" with some male friends. The source added, "He was a good boy. She has no worries". His co-star Elizabeth Banks was so engrossed in a conversation with friends that she barely noticed when one drunken guest tripped on a beanbag chair and tumbled at her feet.
'People Like Us' - also starring Michell Pfeiffer - follows the story of a man tasked with delivering $150,000 of his deceased father's fortune to the sister he has never met. It opens in cinemas on Friday (July 29, 2012) and will battle the likes of 'Magic Mike' and 'Ted' at the box-office.