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Celebrities At The ITV Studios

Chris O'Dowd - Chris O'Dowd outside ITV Studios - London, United Kingdom - Friday 16th October 2015

Chris O'dowd

The Program Review


A whooshing pace and snappy dialogue help bring this true story to life, tracing the triumphant and scandalous career of cyclist Lance Armstrong. And the energetic approach helps bring out several layers in Armstrong's perspective, exploring why a top sportsman would cheat to win. It also features a steely performance from Ben Foster that captures Armstrong's physicality and personality, but not in the usual ways.

When he was 25, Armstrong (Foster) was already a star, but his career was cut short in 1996 by advanced testicular cancer. After recovering, he retrained himself as a long-distance cyclist and launched a global cancer charity, then went on to win seven Tour de France titles. His friend, Irish journalist David Walsh (Chris O'Dowd) noticed that his improvement was too good to be true, and continually challenged him to be honest about his work with controversial doctor Michele Ferari (Guillaume Canet). Armstrong defended his name in court, but years later the truth came out that throughout his career he had been systematically cheating with banned drugs and blood-cleansing processes. The truth came out in 2010, but he didn't admit the deception until an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013.

Since this was so thoroughly reported in the media, and finely detailed in Alex Gibney's acclaimed documentary The Armstrong Lie, there aren't any surprises in this movie. And despite being based on Walsh's book Seven Deadly Sins, the film takes Armstrong's perspective, trying to get under his skin to reveal his motivation. John Hodge's screenplay is insightful, building some strong dramatic suspense along the way, and the film is sharply well-directed by Stephen Frears, a filmmaker better known for softer movies (like Philomena and The Queen). But he guides Foster to a strikingly physical performance that's sweaty and aggressive, and also darkly internalised. Stand-outs in the supporting cast include Jesse Plemons as a fellow cyclist haunted by his conscience and Denis Menochet as Armstrong's team manager.

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Ben Foster Reveals Drugs He Took In Preparation For Lance Armstrong Role "Damaged" His Body

Ben Foster Lance Armstrong Chris O'Dowd

Ben Foster, the actor who is portraying the disgraced former world champion cyclist Lance Armstrong in the upcoming movie The Program, has revealed the alarming effects that performance-enhancing drugs have had on his body.

Speaking to the BBC’s ‘Newsbeat’, the 34 year old actor said that he took part in an entirely legal “programme which was supervised by a doctor” that took place before shooting commenced, because he wanted to “better understand why they took drugs”.

The Program is released on Wednesday October 14th in Britain, having been out in North America a month ago, and is an adaptation of a book called ‘Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong’ by journalist David Walsh (played by Chris O’Dowd in the movie). Foster was intent on getting as close to the mindset of a competitive cyclist as possible, but concluded that the drugs “definitely damaged” his body despite only being on them for a short time.

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The European Premiere Of 'The Martian'

Dawn O'Porter , Chris O'Dowd - The European Premiere of 'The Martian' held at the Odeon Leicester Square - Arrivals at Odeon Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 24th September 2015

Dawn O'porter and Chris O'dowd
Dawn O'porter and Chris O'dowd

The UK Premiere Of 'The Martian'

Chris O'Dowd , Dawn O'Porter - The UK premiere of 'The Martian' at Odeon Leicester Square - Arrivals at Odeon Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 24th September 2015

Chris O'dowd and Dawn O'porter
Chris O'dowd and Dawn O'porter

William Vintage VIP Dinner

Dawn O'Porter , Chris O'Dowd - William Vintage VIP dinner held at Claridges - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Monday 21st September 2015

Dawn O'porter and Chris O'dowd
Dawn O'porter and Chris O'dowd
Dawn O'porter and Chris O'dowd
Dawn O'porter and Chris O'dowd
Dawn O'porter and Chris O'dowd

William Vintage VIP Dinner - Departures

Chris O'Dowd , Dawn O'Porter - William Vintage VIP dinner held at Claridges - Departures - London, United Kingdom - Monday 21st September 2015

Chris O'dowd and Dawn O'porter

The Program Trailer

Lance Armstrong was an athlete the entire world loved to support. Having beaten testicular cancer the cyclist went on to win numerous titles around the world including seven gold consecutive gold medals for the Tour De France, which has become known as the hardest bike rice in the world. He had few doubters, everyone loved the superman that he'd become and wanted to believe in the story surrounding his success. 

One of those few doubters was David Walsh, a sports reporter with The Sunday Times newspaper. After digging into Lance and his team mates, Walsh began to build a case with more and more information backing his thoughts on Lance. One such piece of evidence was Armstrong's connection to an Italian doctor named Michele Ferrari. What followed was years of Walsh digging and uncovering the real truth behind Armstrong. 

The Program is based on David Walsh's 2012 book 'Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong'.

The Program - First Look Trailer

Lance Armstrong is a cycling legend, with seven Tour De France wins under his belt among other accolades, feats that were made all the more impressive following his battle and subsequent recovery from testicular cancer. Despite his illness, he seemed better than ever before on the road on his return and by 2004, he had attracted the attention of reporter David Walsh, who grew suspicious that the athlete was using performance enhancing drugs, along with many of his cyclist friends. Armstrong used a genius combination of loopholes and convincing acting to make people believe otherwise but he was ultimately exposed and shamed for his tactics by a determined journalist.

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Chris O'Dowd Welcomes First Child With Wife Dawn O'Porter

Chris O'Dowd

Chris O'Dowd has recently become a father for the first time. The Irish actor and his wife Dawn O'Porter have welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world on January 25th, and they announced the exciting news in a hilarious way.

Chris O'Dowd
O'Dowd and his wife welcomed their first child on January 25th

On Sunday morning (Feb 1st) O'Dowd took to Twitter to share with his 600 thousand followers, "It's a boy! @HotPatooties & I would like to introduce Art O'Porter, our gorgeous baby. Well, I'm pretty sure he's ours."

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St. Vincent Review


Bill Murray shines in this story of a cynical grump whose life is changed by his friendship with a bright young kid. Writer-director Theodore Melfi makes an assured debut with this hilariously astute, emotional punchy drama, which may sometimes feel a bit over-planned but gives the audience plenty to think about. And along with Murray, the film has especially strong roles for Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts and promising newcomer Jaeden Lieberher.

It's set in a New York suburb, where the neighbourhood grouch Vincent (Murray) is already having a bad day when he discovers meets the perky family next door: Maggie (McCarthy) and her curious son Oliver (Lieberher). She has just fled from her unfaithful husband (Scott Adsit) and is working extra hours to make ends meet, so she reluctantly agrees to let Oliver stay at Vincent's house after school. Intriguingly, Oliver is one of the few people Vincent can bear to be around, aside from the pregnant Russian stripper Daka (Watts) and his lively cat Felix. And Oliver is like a sponge, happily soaking up Vincent's knowledge about things like swearing, fighting and betting on the horses. Oliver has no real idea that all of this makes Vincent a seriously unsuitable role model.

Yes, the central point is that good people are sometimes hard to spot. Vincent may smoke, swear, gamble and hang out with hookers, but he also has a deep soul that Oliver witnesses in the way he takes care of Daka, or how he regularly visits his wife in a nursing home even though she has long forgotten who he is. Melfi makes the most of this perspective, seeing everything through the eyes of perceptive young actor Lieberher. And Murray shines in a role that adds clever shadings to the actor's usual on-screen bluster. The interaction between Oliver and Vincent snaps with personality, and sharp roles for McCarthy and Watts offer meaningful wrinkles, as do other side characters such as Chris O'Dowd's schoolteacher.

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St. Vincent - Clips

Vincent is living a life of hedonism in his retirement from the army. An avid smoker and drinker with few friends save for nightclub dancer Daka, he's hardly what you'd call a friendly neighbour. Nonetheless, a recently divorced Maggie has moved in nearby with her impressionable young son Oliver and she is desperate for a babysitter. Never one to judge a book by its cover, she enlists Vincent to take care of him while she's at work, and while he's not cut out to deal with children realistically, he could really do with the cash. Oliver learns a lot from Vincent, who pays him to cut his lawn and who helps him overcome his bulllies at his new school, while Vincent also learns a little from his new friend, who unwittingly shows him that there's a lot more left in life for him to enjoy.

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Is Bill Murray's Performance Strong Enough To Save 'St. Vincent' From Critics' Sneers?

Bill Murray Melissa McCarthy Naomi Watts Chris O'Dowd

Critics have plenty to say about St. Vincent, the soon-to-be-released comedy drama written and directed by Theodore Melfi, but not all of it is as positive as the film.

Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy
Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy star in St. Vincent.

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National Theater Live To Bring 'Of Mice & Men', Starring James Franco, To US Cinemas

James Franco Chris O'Dowd Leighton Meester

Missed out on James Franco starring as George in the recent Broadway adaptation of John Steinbeck's 1937 tale Of Mice and Men? Don't despair as the National Theater Live is bringing the show from the stage to the screen and broadcasting recorded performances at cinemas around the US and Canada.

James Franco
James Franco at the photocall for Of Mice and Men.

Read More: James Franco Uses Venice Film Festival To Shoot Scenes For New Movie Sporting A Shaven, Tattooed Head.

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St. Vincent Trailer

St. Vincent de Van Nuys is a broke former soldier with a serious alcohol and gambling habit. He has few friends apart from nightclub dancer Daka, but that's all about to change when some new neighbours arrive. Maggie and her young son Oliver have moved in, with the latter feeling a little alienated as one of the only Jewish kids at school as well as being smaller than everyone else. Vincent decides to take him under his wing in a bid to earn a little more cash as a babysitter, and Oliver soon warms to him despite his hedonistic life and generally poor childminding skills. Maggie is unhappy that Vincent is introducing him to strip clubs, dingy bars and the racetrack, but it soon becomes clear that Oliver is exactly what Vincent needs to finally get his life on track.

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Chris O'dowd

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