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Manglehorn Trailer

To most that see him, Manglehorn isn't exactly an enigma, he's a quiet man who goes about his business. What the outside world doesn't know is Manglehorn writes daily to the love of his life, Clara - the girl who got away. Though he never hears back from Clara, his letters offer him some catharsis. The only other relief the aging locksmith finds is in his frequent visits to the local café and his weekly trips to the back, where bank teller, Dawn, finds herself becoming intrigued by Manglehorn.

Can Manglehorn be drawn out of his current lul and deal with his past to face the future?

Manglehorn was directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Joe and Prince Avalanche). The film had unusual origins, the director and lead star were actually planning on shooting a commercial together but that never came to pass, however the meeting lead on to David beginning work on a film drawing inspiration from many aspects of Pacino's professional and personal life.

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Could 'The Mindy Project' Be Headed To Hulu After Fox Cancellation

Mindy Kaling Fox Chris Messina

Fans of ‘The Mindy Project’ are understandably heartbroken over news of the series' cancellation by Fox, but things might not be over for the comedy yet. According to reports, the sitcom might soon be thrown a lifeline by Hulu and could continue on the platform for at least two more seasons.

Mindy KalingMindy Kaling writes and stars in ‘The Mindy Project’.

Word of ‘The Mindy Project’s’ cancellation was first reported on Wednesday by Entertainment Weekly, who learnt that Fox wouldn't be renewing the series for a fourth season. Ratings for the comedy, which ended its third season in March, were said to have been steadily dropping, at one pointing averaging just 2.1 million viewers.

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Premiere Of 'Alex Of Venice'

Don Johnson, Katie Nehra, Chris Messina and Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Premiere Of 'Alex Of Venice' at The London West Hollywood at The London Hotel Screening Room - West Hollywood, California, United States - Wednesday 8th April 2015

Don Johnson, Katie Nehra, Chris Messina and Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Don Johnson
Don Johnson
Don Johnson
Don Johnson
Don Johnson

Cake Review


Jennifer Aniston delivers an Oscar-calibre performance in this rather over-worked drama, which tries to emphasise heavy-handed metaphors more than the characters themselves. But it's an involving personal odyssey thanks to Aniston's honest acting, and Daniel Barnz's sensitive direction manages to dodge most of the script's more glaring pitfalls.

Aniston plays Claire, a woman who has been in continual pain, both emotional and physical, following the car accident that claimed the life of her young son. Revelling in her bitter sarcasm, she has alienated her husband (Chris Messina), driven her physiotherapist (Mamie Gummer) to despair and so enraged her therapy leader (Felicity Huffman) that she's been thrown out of the group. The only person who patiently sticks by her side is her maid/assistant Silvana (Adriana Barazza), and she's beginning to waver. Then Nina (Anna Kendrick), a therapy-group member, commits suicide, making Claire question why she's still bothering to be alive. There has to be a spark of hope there, and she decides to stalk Nina's single-dad widower Roy (Sam Worthington) for answers.

While the premise seems to set up the usual story about two damaged souls healing each other, the story thankfully doesn't go down that tired route. Instead, Patrick Tobin's script keeps the interaction prickly and unexpected, even as it layers in so much symbolism that it becomes rather exhausting. Claire's physical scarring is clearly indicative of something deeper, as is her array of cruel defence mechanisms. Thankfully, Aniston plays these scenes with a mixture of black comedy and aching sadness that makes the character thoroughly involving and only slightly likeable. Her interaction with Barraza is the heart of the film, beautifully played because their connection remains mainly unspoken. By contrast, Worthington feels almost superfluous; he sharply matches Aniston's cynicism, but is too nice to register very strongly.

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Cake Trailer

Claire Bennett is struggling to get through day-to-day life despite her buffet of pills, one-on-one medical support and the Women's Chronic Pain Support Group she regularly attends. She is forced to cope with the heart-breaking break-up of her relationship but becomes deeply obsessed with the suicide of Nina Collins, another woman from the support group. In a bid to learn more about her death and, indeed, her life, she persuades the group leader to pass on Nina's address. It's then she meets her widower Roy with whom she strikes up a significant relationship, with both of them dealing with the loss of a loved one and their own brand of chronic pain. Meanwhile, Claire frequently experiences hallucinations of Nina, who slowly draws her towards normality and, perhaps, a happier life.

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Peter Prentice Actor Adam Pally Leaving 'The Mindy Project', But Will Return To Guest Star

Mindy Kaling Lee Pace Chris Messina

Adam Pally will no longer be appearing regularly on The Mindy Project as of early 2015.

Adam Pally
Adam Pally at Variety's 4th Annual Power of Comedy event in Los Angeles in November 2013.

Read More: Mindy Kaling Congratulated On Nobel Prize At TIME Party. Weirdest Mistake Ever?

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Baby2Baby Gala

Chris Messina - A variety of stars were photographed as they arrived at the 2014 Gala held by Baby2Baby which is a charity that provides low income children with basic necessities. The 2014 gala was in honor of American actress Kate Hudson and was held at The Book Bindery in Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 8th November 2014

Chris Messina
Chris Messina
Chris Messina

Palo Alto Review


James Franco's collection of autobiographical short stories is adapted into a remarkably evocative film by Gia Coppola, granddaughter of Francis. And the film's next-generation credentials don't end there. It stars Emma Roberts (daughter of Eric) and Jack Kilmer (son of Val), superb young actors who bring their characters to vivid life even as multiple story strands weave around them. And what makes the film important is its willingness to present teens authentically, often in ways parents probably wish they didn't know about.

It's set in suburban Northern California, where high school teen April (Roberts) worries that she's the last virgin in her class. She's secretly in love with Teddy (Kilmer), and he likes her too, but everyone thinks he's having a fling with the class slut (Zoe Levin). So while babysitting one night for her soccer coach (Franco), she is both startled and thrilled when he makes a move on her. Meanwhile, Teddy's best pal Fred (Nat Wolff) is causing chaos everywhere he goes, as the school's teens go from party to party indulging in alcohol and drugs, testing the boundaries of authority. And their parents seem fairly oblivious to all of this.

Coppola shoots and edits the film in a way that's deeply personal, focussing on the inner lives of the characters rather than the gyrations of the various plot strands. This gives the film a surprisingly cohesive tone, linking everything together into a single tale of young people trying to work out a path to adulthood in a society full of mixed messages. And things rarely go as expected. For example, Teddy is sure he'll go to prison when he crashes his car while driving stoned, but he is given a second chance. And he discovers that doing community service is actually rather enjoyable.

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Video - Al Pacino Signs Autographs At The 'Manglehorn' Premiere At The Venice Film Festival

'Manglehorn' main stars Al Pacino and Chris Messina are joined by the director David Gordon Green at the movie's premiere held at the 71st Venice Film Festival in Italy. The trio are seen greeting fans and signing autographs on the red carpet.

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4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards

Chris Messina - 4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 19th June 2014

Chris Messina
Chris Messina
Chris Messina
Chris Messina

FOX Upfronts At The Beacon Theater

Chris Messina, Mindy Kaling and Ike Barinholtz - FOX Upfronts at The Beacon Theater - Arrivals - NYC, New York, United States - Tuesday 13th May 2014

Chris Messina, Mindy Kaling and Ike Barinholtz
Chris Messina, Mindy Kaling and Ike Barinholtz

Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Palo Alto' - Arrivals

Chris Messina - Los Angeles premiere of 'Palo Alto' held at the Directors Guild of America - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 5th May 2014

Celeste And Jesse Forever Review


With its refusal to follow the usual romantic-comedy formula, this snappy and observant movie is a nice surprise. Not only does it keep us wondering about where it's heading, but it gives the likeable Jones and Samberg much more complex roles than they usually get to play. And the quirky approach combined with some darkly dramatic moments makes it more interesting to watch.

Jones and Samberg play the long-time couple Celeste and Jesse, who have been together since they were in school. Now married for six years, they're starting to wonder if maybe they're just best friends, rather than a couple. So they decide to separate. The main issue seems to be surfer-artist Jesse's lack of ambition but, when he begins to move on with his life, Celeste starts wondering if maybe she's the real problem. Even so, they're still completely involved in each others' lives, which is awkward for their friends Beth and Tucker (Graynor and Christian). Maybe they need some distance.

The film's perspective centres on Celeste's messy journey, which is a bumpy series of conflicting emotions. She works as a lifestyle critic, so her comments on pop culture are hilariously barbed, but as her personal life dissolves she retreats into annoying pot-fuelled wallowing. It's often not easy to watch her, but Jones gives a ruthlessly honest performance that's both funny and disturbing. Her sideplots with her gay boss (Wood), her low-life drug dealer (cowriter McCormack) and a bratty popstar client (Roberts) are nicely played but only tangentially developed.

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Argo Review


Ben Affleck leaps on to the A-list of directors with this relentlessly entertaining thriller, combining comedy and nerve-jangling suspense to maximum effect. Based on a declassified story that's unbelievable but true, the film is also clear-eyed about politics without ever getting lost in the big issues. Instead, it keeps us engaged through terrific characters who are beautifully played by a lively cast.

As Iran's 1979 revolution boiled over into street protests over America's assistance to the deposed Shah, rioters stormed the US embassy and took 52 Americans hostage. In the chaos, six staffers snuck out the back door and took refuge in the home of the Canadian ambassador (Garber). With the Iranians on their trail, the CIA chief (Cranston) decides to try to get them out, and Agent Tony Mendez (Affleck) comes up with a wild idea: he creates a fake sci-fi movie called Argo with the help of a veteran producer (Arkin) and an Oscar-winning make-up artist (Goodman), so the six escapees can pose as a Canadian location-scouting crew and leave the country.

Yes, this plan sounds utterly ridiculous, but the fake Argo is exactly the kind of cheesy Star Wars rip-off everyone was trying to make at the time, so the idea of scouting colourful Iranian locations isn't as far-fetched as it seems. And screenwriter Terrio keeps us laughing as Mendez and his Hollywood cohorts concoct this elaborate scam. These scenes are so good that Arkin and Goodman walk off with the whole movie, giving loose, witty supporting turns that are likely to be remembered in awards season. Affleck gets in on the fun as well, then also effortlessly takes on the more intense action scenes to hold the whole film together.

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Ruby Sparks Review


A romantic comedy with a dark twist, this film gets under the skin as it knowingly explores both the writing process and the nature of relationships. It also gives its cast a lot to play with in scenes that feature both broad slapstick and much more serious drama.

Paul Dano stars as Calvin, a writer who struck lightning with his first novel at age 19 and hasn't been able to write anything since. His brother (Messina) teases him about his future, his agent (Mandvi) is pushing him to write a new novel, and his therapist (Gould) just wants him to write something, anything. So he starts typing up a story about the girl (Kazan) who appears in his dreams. Then there she is, Ruby Sparks, in his kitchen! Sure he's officially losing his mind, he's shocked to discover that others can see her too. So he brings her into his life as his girlfriend, even introducing her to his hippie mother and stepdad (Benning and Banderas).

The film starts out as a breezy comedy, and Dano plays these scenes for laughs, including several broadly silly set-pieces as Calvin first meets Ruby. But the undertone very quickly starts turning serious, as we begin to understand the central themes about how we relate to our partners. Would we control their behaviour if we could? Get rid of annoying habits? Make them be more like our idea of the perfect spouse? But of course, that would cause a whole new set of problems.

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