Chris Martin dances like he's having "some kind of fit".

The Coldplay singer - who is married to Gwyneth Paltrow - is famed for his bouncy moves on stage and even he acknowledges his dancing is not conventional.

During an appearance on UK series 'The Graham Norton Show', he revealed: "I dance in a strange, hopping, English way - it's not technically dancing, it's more like some kind of fit."

Chris went straight from the taping to a concert in London with his bandmates - Will Champion, Jonny Buckland and Guy Berryman - and admitted on stage he regretted going on the BBC One programme.

He told fans: "To be frank I felt quite a tw*t doing that show. I'm never doing chat shows again."

Although the 'Paradise' singer is known for being open about his insecurities, he insists when Coldplay play live he believes the four-piece are the best and in the world.

He recently said: "For all the insecurity and paranoia off stage, on stage I f***ing love it. I love our band. And I have to do it. The fun of it, the joy of it.

"On stage, I don't have any doubt about who's the best band in the world. But only for 90 minutes."