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Jessica Simpson Weds Eric Johnson In Family Filled California Ceremony

By Elinor Cosgrave | 6th July 2014

Jessica Simpson has married Eric Johnson, her partner of four years and father of her two children. The couple tied the knot on Saturday (5th July) in a ceremony at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa...

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Chris Isaak's Drummer Battling Cancer

7th June 2013

Chris Isaak's longtime drummer has bowed out of the veteran rocker's upcoming tour after he was diagnosed with cancer.Kenney Dale Johnson is undergoing treatment, and the Wicked Game hitmaker took to his website on Thursday...

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Chris Isaak Sued By Lighting Director

14th March 2013

Chris Isaak is facing legal action from his former lighting director over allegations of discrimination and unfair dismissal.In court documents filed at San Francisco Superior Court in California, Lane Hirsch claims he was fired after...

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Chris Isaak Honoured In New York

11th May 2012

Veteran rocker Chris Isaak has been honoured as the Artist of the Year by a New York radio station.The Wicked Game hitmaker was the toast of the Wfuv Spring Gala on Thursday (10May12) and he...

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Chris Isaak Given Keys To Rock 'N' Roll Diner

24th January 2012

Veteran musician Chris Isaak was left stunned during sessions for his latest album when studio bosses gave him free run of a nearby diner where his idols Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash frequently ate.The Wicked...

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The Things They Say 23496

16th November 2011

"I don't think he does a bad version of anything. If Jerry Lee came out with an album called Jerry Lee Sings the Beatles, I'd buy it because I know it would be better. If...

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Stevie Nicks & Paul Anka Honour Buddy Holly On Late Star's 75th Birthday

8th September 2011

Stevie Nicks, Paul Anka and Chris Isaak were among the stars who came together for a 75th birthday tribute to late rock 'n' roller Buddy Holly in Hollywood on Wednesday night (07Sep11).Members of Cobra Starship,...

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Idol Judges Bumped Off Wish List

6th August 2010

HARRY CONNICK, JR., CHRIS ISAAK and SHANIA TWAIN are no longer in the running to take over the judging chairs vacated by ELLEN DEGENERES and SIMON COWELL on TV talent show AMERICAN IDOL, according to...

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Isaak For Idol?

21st July 2010

Singer CHRIS ISAAK has emerged as the latest name to be considered as SIMON COWELL's replacement on AMERICAN IDOL.The Wicked Game hitmaker has met with producers twice since Cowell quit the show in May (10)...

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The Things They Say 13110

7th August 2009

"The important thing to me about a woman is proximity. A flexible woman is a good idea." Rocker CHRIS ISAAK reveals what he looks for in a female companion.

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Fascinating Fact 7794

6th August 2009

Tee-total rocker CHRIS ISAAK plays a drunk in MICKEY ROURKE's new film THE INFORMERS.

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Isaak Put Off By Drug-pushing Fans

6th August 2009

Rocker CHRIS ISAAK has found a way to stay sober - he kicks groupies out of shows if they offer him drugs or alcohol.The singer is irritated by fans who try to befriend him after...

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The Things They Say 12750

29th June 2009

"I'm willing to clean the lawns, wash the cars, I have a decent salary, I've saved my money, I live in a nice neighbourhood, I could provide. I'll even shut up and listen in a...

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Isaak Takes Dog To The Movies

4th June 2009

Rocker CHRIS ISAAK proves a dog really is man's best friend - he takes his pet pooch on regular trips to the cinema.The singer can't bear to leave his beloved Maltese Rodney at home, so...

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Fascinating Fact 7450

1st June 2009

LEANN RIMES, CHRIS ISAAK and FOREST WHITAKER stunned the MTV Movie Awards audience and TV viewers by performing segments from comedian host ANDY SAMBERG's comedy tunes at the prizegiving on Sunday (31May09). Rimes and Isaak...

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Isaak Tried To Save Co-star Renfro

26th February 2009

CHRIS ISAAK tried to coax troubled actor BRAD RENFRO into rehab shortly before the tortured star died from a drug overdose at the beginning of 2008. The singer/actor teamed up with Renfro and Mickey Rourke on...

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Isaak Beat Up Drug User

25th February 2009

Rocker CHRIS ISAAK once beat up a fellow musician backstage at a San Francisco, California club after he caught him using his guitar as a drug table. The former boxer flew into a rage when he...

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Isaak Impressed By Fun Yusuf Islam

24th February 2009

Rocker/actor CHRIS ISAAK is convinced he'll stun music fans when his interview with YUSUF ISLAM airs on his new TV show THE CHRIS ISAAK HOUR - because the Muslim convert isn't as "stuffy" as his...

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Fascinating Fact 6886

19th February 2009

Singer/actor CHRIS ISAAK has landed his own chat show - The Chris Isaak Hour will debut on America's BIO channel on 26 February (09). His first guests will be Trisha Yearwood, Stevie Nicks, Michael Buble...

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Isaak To Play Boozy Sex-addicted Dad

23rd October 2007

Rocker CHRIS ISAAK has signed up to play a sex and alcohol-obsessed father in new movie THE INFORMERS. The cast of the adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel features Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger,...

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Elvis Special To Be Hosted By Former News Anchor Vargas

18th September 2007

One of the oddest exhibitions of "infotainment" ever broadcast is due to air tonight as a two-hour ABC-TV special, Elvis: Viva Las Vegas, emceed by 20/20 co-host and former ABC World News anchor Elizabeth Vargas....

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Springsteen Set For All-star Tribute

20th February 2007

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's music will be honoured in an all-star tribute gala concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Performers will include JEWEL, CHRIS ISAAK, KENNETH "BABYFACE" EDMONDS, the BACON BROTHERS (actor KEVIN BACON's duo),...

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The Things They Say 2429

12th July 2006

"I don't do drugs. They take away from your innate ability to chase women." Rocker CHRIS ISAAK has incentives to stay sober.

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Isaak Serenades Surprised Newlyweds

12th June 2006

Singer CHRIS ISAAK thrilled a couple in Australia when he stopped by their wedding reception and serenaded them with his hit WICKED GAME. The BABY DID A BAD THING singer was touring Down Under and...

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Isaak: 'Tv Halves Your Sex Life'

6th June 2006

CHRIS ISAAK insists he would much rather chase women than sit around and watch a big screen TV, because it puts a damper on your sex life. The WICKED GAME star prefers to be social...

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Giant Drag Blast Record Label Over Bonus Track

6th April 2006

Cult rockers GIANT DRAG have hit out at their record label for adding their cover of CHRIS ISAAK's WICKED GAME to the US repackaging of their debut album. The band's ANNIE HARDY is upset executives...

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Him: 'Raping Isaak Hit Was Best Move Yet'

25th November 2005

Finnish metal band HIM insist their "rape" of CHRIS ISAAK track WICKED GAME was the secret of their success. Their interpretation of the ballad was a "positive burden" for the rockers as, although the...

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Presley Avoids Questions About Ex-husbands

16th March 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY had a tough time promoting her debut album - because she was convinced people were only interested in her failed marriages to NICOLAS CAGE and MICHAEL JACKSON. The LIGHTS OUT singer...

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Dionne And Chris Isaak Celebrate Christmas Early

5th September 2004

DIONNE WARWICK and CHRIS ISAAK are the latest stars getting into the festive mood early this year (04) - by recording their first Christmas albums. Warwick will record classics with pals like GLADYS KNIGHT...

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Britney's Strip Tops New Sexy Moments Poll

23rd March 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS' sexy strip onstage at the 2000 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS has topped a new sexy music moments poll. The sexy display, in which Britney appeared to strip completely - to a beige...

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