After making his name in super-human roles like the Avengers' Thor and Snow White's Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth has tried to shift down into less flashy characters. In 2013 he impressed critics as Formula One champion James Hunt in 'Rush', and this year he teams up with Michael Mann for the startlingly low-key thriller 'Blackhat'.

Chris Hemsworth is ready to step back from super-human roles
Chris Hemsworth is ready to step back from super-human roles

"Michael is one of my favourite filmmakers," he said. "I've grown up watching his films, so even before I'd read the script, I was pretty much talked into the thing."

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Even though he plays a computer nerd in 'Blackhat', Hemsworth was required to do some action moves. "Once I'm done with 'Thor', I get rid of that bulk and that size, because that's just for the screen for that character. Here, instead of just running on the treadmill, I wanted to build into the training some sort of martial arts. Michael and I talked about the time he'd spent in prison. You go in one person and come out another."

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The film is about cyberterrorism, exploring how defenceless people are when someone decides to invade their digital space. Since Hemsworth knew nothing about hacking, he consulted with experts to prepare for the role. "I asked one of the guys, 'Knowing what you know, and you exist behind the curtains so to speak, do you look at the world differently?' He just started laughing and said, 'Man, people have no idea how exposed they are, how vulnerable, and what's possible.' And that's it. They're the guards, the superheroes."

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