Chris Brown’s Halloween costume choice has had the world shaking its head with disbelief this morning.

The R&B singer isn’t actually a figurehead of political correctness but he’s really taken the biscuit now, by dressing up with his mates as a Taliban gang for Halloween. It’s Halloween, Chris, not a ‘bad taste party.’

Chris and his mates dressed up in Middle Eastern garb and accessorised their outfits with guns, beards and bullet belts. They looked as though they were finding themselves pretty funny, too, judging by the pictures that have made their way around the web today (November 1, 2012). Brown posted a snap of him and his crew posing in their Halloween get-up, in a parking lot, on Twitter and Instagram. The photo was accompanied by the message “Ain’t nobody fucking wit my clique!!!” which is a reference to the recent Kanye West track ‘Clique.’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown in controversial Halloween costume at Greystones Manor, West Hollywood, October 31, 2012


The picture has been met with outrage. Not that this is a new feeling for Brown, as much of what he does is met with outrage. One particularly fervent supporter of the singer (who goes by the name of chrisbrownlove) tried to defend his actions, by leaving a comment for his haters that read “shut up gosh u probably been racist before . And that is not racist cuz ain't Halloween suppose to be 4 dress up and so don't worry about him worry about your self Cuz u got somethin wrong with u and u Dont even know it or u just wanna talk about somebody cuz u think u better.” A terrifying response and not just for its total lack of punctuation.

Chris Brown Halloween

Chris Brown, Halloween, October 31, 2012