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Chris Brown beat, choked, and BIT Rihanna and abandoned her on a sidewalk? Because she was upset that he was cheating on her and she had evidence of it? And TI says Chris Brown is still a "really great person"? That is sick, sick, sick. Don't tell me "we weren't there, no one knows what happened". There is NO excuse for violence -- definitely no excuse for choking and biting someone. And leaving them alone, unconscious, on a street, where someone else could finish the job. If a mugger did that, he would go to jail. If you do that to someone you love -- you should especially go to jail (and to hell after that)!

Posted 6 years 6 months ago by Shelley Anne

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i fully agree i believe that Riri still has heart for chris because they are a team place together out this world it will hurt me if this takes a wrong turn rihanna needs not payattention to the negative of what poeple will think of her if she still love chris becuase it will be her decision that will effect her for the rest of her life and they won't be there to make it for her. she is a grown woman that needs to handle her bez f**k the rest of the world she is strong and talented woman of god and if god is willing to forgive and help chris i think she should do the same but that my opinion its up to her if she deicdes she want him back if so that's a big step of forgivens i will have ever witness and it will tell every one that there is a thing called a second chance and we all have a heart so that my take big ups to rihanna and chris for all that they do.

Posted 6 years 6 months ago by Steppingup

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Chris Brown