You'd think that with all the negative press Chris Brown gets, particularly since 2006 when he battered his then-girlfriend Rihanna, he may try a little harder to win over the media and the public. Apparently not. 

Last night Brown posted a photo on his Twitter account, picturing himself and four friends all dressed in attire that looked to be inspired by the Taliban, and was accompanied by the caption "Ain't nobody F--king wit my clique!!! #ohb". They are all seen wearing long false beards and handling firearms, Brown is at the centre of the photo pointing a machine gun in the air. Later Brown and his friends attended Rihanna's halloween party at the Greystone Manor club in Hollywood. 

Throngs of people have published their outrage via Twitter, with one tweeter saying "Just in case you needed another reason to hate Chris Brown, behold his Halloween costume." Though certainly tactless, with Halloween's objective to terrifify, opting for a terrorist is at the very least in the spirit of the holiday. In other news, Irish hip-hop group The Original Rudeboys turned down the opportunity to support Brown in his upcoming tour date in the UK.

Sean Walsh of the band was quoted in the Herald: "Even though it's a huge opportunity. We are completely against Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna."