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Chris Brown

Can I interview Chris Brown from my home or his home!! Media and bloggers keep putting these wack stories out about him and this Rihanna chic. I think dude just wants to boyz with these dudes and keep it moving. If Rihanna is part of the reason, all he has to do is step to her and say, we gonna do thi.s or not!!. He dont need permission from Drake, Meek or anybody else to get that hefa in his corner. She is in love with Chris Brown! Him offering the wine was just a man gesture, not permission to get at Rihanna. We all know he can get at her anytime, day, season. I wanna interview him sooooooo bad and then be hired as his spokesperson. I wouldnt let him do anything but talk to his Fans, because they pay his Bills!!! Hello!
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Posted 2 years 10 months ago by liveinaglasshouse

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