Chris Brown isn't out of the woods just yet, after a judge ruled that he must remain on supervised probation and make another court appearance after he completes a scheduled European tour.

Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg - who has overseen Brown's rehabilitation since his attack on Rihanna - ordered that Brown must remain on probation for the felony assault. She did not address questions raised at the previous hearing concerning whether the R&B singer has actually completed the terms of his community labor sentence. According to the Associated Press, a prosecutor said a report filed for Thursday's hearing did not add additional details about the matter and instead included the same spread-sheet of Brown's hours that Judge Schnegg had called "somewhat cryptic" at a September hearing. In the report, a probation officer said Brown "appears to be making a sincere effort to comply with terms and conditions of probation," though dressing as a member of the Taliban for Halloween was not mentioned.

He is scheduled to begin a tour of Europe and South Africa on November 14, 2012, after which he will return to court for another scheduled hearing on January 17, 2012.