Chris Brown's new video for his latest single, Don't Judge Me features themes of self sacrifice, contrition and forgiveness, reports MTV News.

Devoid of mystery or a shred of mystic intrigue, the song, and video, implores us to do exactly as the title of the song suggests. Brown finds himself a member of the military, saying goodbye to an unnamed woman as he bravely departs for a mission that is described as "suicide." This has to be done, you see, as there's a volatile alien ship very close to earth, and the only way to quell its threat is for Brown to hurtle at it in a spacecraft. He then tears up as he destroys himself, and the alien ship, by crashing into its core, leaving behind the poor woman on a sofa. Make of this what you will, but the majority of the song is a thinly veiled plead for absolution.

The Chris Brown drug scandal can be added to his numerous indiscretions that continue to propel him into the headlines. Testing positive for cannabis seems to have had no judicial effect on his case, but it still increased the scrutiny surrounding his community service. Despite his detractors, perhaps one of his most surprising supporters is Rihanna, who has recently been tweeting in support of Brown as he wraps up the loose ends regarding his probation case.