A Chris Brown twitter feud between himself and Jenny Johnson got a little bit out of hand. It turns out that Brown taking down his Twitter feed wasn't the only outcome, as possible death threats to Johnson are being investigated. 

"We are doing a bit of investigating... to see who are writing them and if they should be taken seriously -- or just something we need to ignore," Jenny Johnson told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview. We are trying to discover if it's just a bunch of kids goofing off or something else." Brown soon ended his stay on the micro-blogging site, after a brief return. "I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing," Johnson added, about the 23-year-old's decision to stop posting messages. "Only time will tell."I'm just letting it go right now," Johnson said, when asked if she intended on taking the matter further. "I was surprised to wake up and read about it and find my name on The View and CNN."

Jenny Johnson is very vocal about her disdain for Brown. "I'm not a fan of Chris Brown's for obvious reasons. Hello, he beat up a girl. And he was so unapologetic about it and then continued to do things that were inappropriate -- like throwing chairs or saying homophobic things to nightclub bouncers. He keeps telling people to "get over it." How do you get over it? Seriously? I saw [a tweet to Brown] that said something like, "Why don't I beat the shit out of your mother and then three years later we'll just forget about it."