Chris Brown has teased his long-awaited track with Ariana Grande.

The R&B singer, who is currently in a Virginia jail awaiting trial for an assault charge, has collaborated with the young star on new song 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' and his representatives have posted a black and white clip of a new promo, lasting three minutes and 25 seconds on his Twitter account.

It shows the 24-year-old star performing a freestyle dance routine with a spotlight on him while Ariana's voice can be heard.

The 20-year-old beauty doesn't appear until later on in the video in a shot similar to a movie poster, which shows her embracing the 'Fine China' singer.

The song's release has been pushed back a number of times while Chris dealt with court appearances.

Ariana previously tweeted: ''My brain hurts, so much happens in a day lol. I'm going to be just as surprised as you guys for these next few days. expect the unexpected. (sic)''

Responding to a question about the release from a fan, she also wrote: ''I get a call that the song was pushed back... then I get a call that it isn't... gonna take the back seat with this one. (sic)''

Meanwhile, Chris stands accused of breaking Parker Adams' nose when he tried to insert himself in a photograph the singer was taking with two female fans outside the W Hotel in Washington D.C. last October.