Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are still in constant contact.

Although the pair split recently with Chris rekindling his relationship with Rihanna, he is said to be confused about his feelings for his model ex and they often exchange flirty messages.

A source told ''She basically lived at his house when they were together and she still feel some type of way about the entire situation. She's trying to be over him, but he [keeps] texting and sending her pictures of them together and [telling] her he [misses] her all the time and this and that. I wish he would be with her if he feels that way but I know he's a dog but Karrueche doesn't think so.''

Friends of Karrueche, 22, insist 23-year-old Chris is chasing her and not the other way around.

The insider added: ''I love Karrueche, that's my girl and she's not all in Chris' face trying to push up on it. She's keeping it real classy and cute, and he's been chasing her.''

The former couple had dinner together at Wokcano in West Hollywood on Friday (26.10.12) before attending the opening of new store Wild Style.

A source said: ''Chris and Karrueche were seen having dinner Friday night at Wokcano on Third Street in West Hollywood around 10pm. It was weird seeing them together after everything that happened with the two of them and then Rihanna's in the mix too. It's just too crazy. Chris and Karrueche got a quiet little table toward the back of the restaurant and ate together. The pair spent almost an hour together at the restaurant and other diners said they appeared to be having a great time together.''