Chris Brown's father didn't want his son and Rihanna to reconcile.

The 23-year-old rapper is on probation for assaulting the 'Stay' hitmaker in 2009, and his father Clinton has claimed their similarities make for an unbalanced and volatile relationship.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''I really didn't want him and Rihanna back together - because they are two individuals who are whimsical. You don't have the balance.

''You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous but you also need someone who is grounded and logical.''

The 48-year-old prison officer admitted he will struggle to get Chris and the 25-year-old singer to see his point of view, even if he had help from other friends.

He added: ''At the end of the day, Chris makes the decision. Even if I gathered a bunch of people with signs and said, 'Stay away from Rihanna, stay away', Chris will do what Chris wants to do.

''That's his choice and I want him to be happy at the end f the day.''

And Clinton also revealed his fears Chris could suffer a big collapse without ever really being happy, and compared him to his idol Michael Jackson.

He said: ''My greatest fear for Chris is that he's not going to be happy, that he's not going to have a comfort zone and it's all going to be tainted by all of this that he has done.

''Michael Jackson is probably one of the greatest artists ever and I wonder, has there ever been a day he was truly happy?''