Following claims that Chris Brown lied about completing his 180 days of community service, his irate lawyer has hit back with a claim of his own – that he has proof that the District Attorney lied about their own suggestion.

In a bit of a messy case, the Los Angeles district’s attorney filed documents that claimed Chris Brown had submitted fake community service records, with one claim saying that he’d told them he was picking up in trash in Virginia, when in fact he was on a private jet. Additionally, it was revealed that Brown wasn’t checked at all times, so when it turned out that he’d apparently done 202 hours of community service instead of 180, he’d only been supervised on them for nine or ten of the stints.

However, TMZ reports that this hasn’t gone down well with the pop star’s attorney Mark Geragos, who has issued his own evidence that refutes those claims. His evidence includes invoices and checks indicating Brown paid $31,534.70 to the Richmond PD for providing security during his labor, which he’s using as proof that the star was being supervised.  The other area of confusion is in Brown’s alleged work at the Tappahannock Children’s Center, where the rapper’s mother filled out his hours for him. No reference is apparently made to that in Geragos’ claims.

Chris Brown performing

Chris Brown at the center of controversy again