Chris Brown isn't doing himself any favours to win back public opinion, is he? Fresh from winning back Rihanna - whom he violently beat a couple of years ago - Brown now says his girlfriend can cheat on him, providing it's with a girl. In a recent radio interview, Brown also admitted for the first time that seeing Rihanna shack up with Canadian rapper Drake and her ex Matt Kemp "bothered" him.

Asked on Power 105.1's Breakfast Club show whether he would give the green-light for Rihanna to try new things, Brown said, "If it was a girl it would be cool." Though about him becoming purely monogamous himself, the singer cautiously added, "'I'm getting there," before saying, "I already had two girls at one point. It was honest.I'm at that point [of being faithful] I keep my thing in my pants, I'm a respectable dude." Recalling one incident in which his two girlfriends came face-to-face, Brown said, "One time I was overseas. in Cannes. I had a girlfriend (Tran) but I was still talking to Rihanna. (There was) a party on this big boat and my girl was there, and maybe 15 minutes later, Rihanna showed up. But I'm on the boat like, "Oh, s***, what am I gonna do right now?"

Rihanna and Brown reunited last year, despite the latter still being on probation for his heinous attack on his then-girlfriend on the eve of the Grammy awards a couple of years ago.

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